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Las Vegas Bars


Located: Inside Miracle Mile Shops

At Blondies sports bar they're showing the NFL, UFC, PGA, MLS -- and any other acronym you can think of -- all day long.

The bar, located at the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood, takes the sports bar back to the basics.

There is no shortage of team banners hanging from the rafters, collectibles posted on the walls or even artwork drawn on the ceiling. The beer flows fairly cheaply compared to some other Strip locations and the menu features everything you love about sports bars. Think big, meaty wings in mild, medium, hot, BBQ, teriyaki or habanero -- there's something for everyone's taste buds. Other menu items include sandwiches, nachos and pizzas.

Blondies has enough large-screen TVs to rival Times Square. OK, maybe not that many, but considering they have a 12-foot screen mixed with a large number of 60-inch TVs and more than 40 total screens in a 5,500-square foot room, it's pretty dramatic. There's not a bad seat in the house and you don't even have to come in to see the TVs. They face out to the main hallway of the mall so if you're stuck shopping just make sure you pass by a few times to get your sports fix.

Oh, and Blondies isn't just the name of some beer-bellied, blond-haired owner. When you see the gorgeous servers decked out in the classic cheerleading outfits you loved in high school, you'll know why they went with the name Blondies -- and why this everyday sports bar is far from ordinary.

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Located: 3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Parrothead or not, if you like a fun atmosphere and tropical drinks, you'll enjoy partying at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

The three-level Margaritaville is a restaurant with six bars and an outdoor balcony overlooking the Strip. The interior has a nautical theme complete with booths that look like fishing boats.

Buffett fanatics, aka Parrotheads, will get their fix as the singer's signature songs play continually along with accompanying video throughout the restaurant. There's also live music at night and if Buffett happens to be in town for a concert, you can bet the pre-party is taking place here.

The centerpiece Volcano Bar (which Parrotheads will know is named for a Buffett song) features a three-story volcano that erupts over the bar, spilling margarita mix into two giant 300-gallon blenders every hour. At night, you'll often see a bikini-clad woman nicknamed the "Las Vegas Cutie" sliding down the volcano and into one of the blenders, where she's fished out with a giant hook.

Margaritas are the drink of choice in a place called Margaritaville, so order yourself a Who's to Blame, Last Mango in Paris or a Fins to the Left variety from one of the flair bartenders.

There are plenty of other tasty specialty drinks such as the "5 O'Clock Somewhere." Be a good tourist and take home a souvenir 45-ounce cup shaped like a blender and filled with your favorite concoction.

The restaurant part of Margaritaville features island-inspired food including fresh fish (don't miss the Landshark Lager fish & chips), steak, tacos, sandwiches and the signature Cheeseburger in Paradise burger.

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Located: Inside Rio Hotel

We're not sure if it's sanctioned by Apple, but the iBar does its best to be as cool and modern as your iPhone, iPad and every other iDevice that might show up by the next time we update this page. With crisp accents and plenty of space to start or end the night in style, iBar is a lobby and casino bar with its eye on the future.

Perhaps the most noteworthy additions to iBar are the screen tables that allow users to order from the comfort of however comfortable a bar seat can be. If the bar is too busy, or you just can't be pulled away from your cute friend's fascinating conversation about their new favorite app, this is the place to be -- unless that favorite app is one that allows you to order from your phone.

If you crave some entertainment while playing with your screens, iBar also plays music with accompanying videos displayed on the overhead TVs. The database is stocked with more than 400,000 sounds -- so about the same amount you listen to for free online in a year.

In this town, casino lounges are about $10 a dozen (nothing costs a dime anymore) and iBar is itching to be the it place. For tech lovers who don't get enough eye strain from their iPhones, or anyone looking for a relaxing drink and some virtual revelry at Rio, iBar has the drinks for that.

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Located: Inside Flamingo Hotel

Remember your trip to Mexico for spring break when you were in college? It probably involved some time at Carlos'n Charlies. If you can't remember it, it probably involved a lot of time at Carlos'n Charlies.

Known for their crazy spots in Cozumel and Cancun, Carlos'n Charlies are the same people who brought you wild places like Señor Frog's and Squid Roe. It's kind of like spring break all year round here. You can drink frozen drinks, dance to DJ-spun music and watch flair bartenders do their thing. The wait staff is always ready to break into song and dance or pull a prank on an unsuspecting customer.

If you want to take a break from the bar scene, head outside to the large patio overlooking the hotel's pool area and try guacamole made tableside, quesadillas, tacos and fajitas.

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Located: inside Margaritaville Casino at the Flamingo

If there's one thing a Parrothead (or heck, anyone) desires, it's a laid-back, beachy vibe to enjoy a beer. Finding a drinking joint with a tropical atmosphere in Vegas can be tricky...but not impossible.

As it happens, the Flamingo hotel is home to the Margaritaville Casino. And amid a sea of gaming machines and faux palms trees, you'll spy the wood-planked roof of the Five O'Clock Somewhere Bar. Nothing could feel more natural than pulling up a stool here and ordering guessed it...Landshark lager. Of course, you'll also be gladly served Margaritaville's own tequila brand or one of the playful signature drinks like the Last Mango in Paris, Livin' It Up Margarita and Fins to the Left.

Even better, request your cocktail in the 45-ounce signature Booze in the Blender cup. When you get home you can pull it out during parties, pour drinks for your friends and tell them all about how you wasted away in Vegas.

Although it's not an outside bar, the doors near the Five O'Clock Somewhere Bar open up onto the sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard. With the music of Jimmy Buffett wafting from speakers overhead, it's not hard get caught up in a little island escapism, imagine a hammock by the ocean...and well, order another drink.

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Located Inside the M Resort & Casino

With 96-ice-cold beers on tap, 32 Degrees Draft Bar at M Resort can quench any thirst imaginable. Enjoy ales, witbiers, porters, IPAs and seasonal brews. Located just off the casino floor, 32 Degrees Draft Bar melds casino bar with brewery to give you selection and convenience. There's something great about seeing 96 taps lined up down the bar and knowing an ice cold beer is seconds away.

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Located Inside Stratosphere Hotel

Las Vegas is a town full of bars. Bars that aspire to be nightclubs, bars to drink your sorrows away in and, yes, even a few bars where everybody knows your name. With so many watering holes crowding the market, there are always a few places that slip through the cracks - don't let C Bar be one of those places.

Maybe you're at the Stratosphere to catch a show or maybe you're there to take in the incomparable view from the top, whatever the reason, stop in to C Bar and just hang out for a while. It'll be worth it. Drink specials, a really cool vibe (sometimes putting it simply is the best way to put it) and some of the best people-watching opportunities of any place in town make up a place that's a great first stop for your night - or a place to spend your whole night.

One caveat though - if the rides on top of the hotel are part of your plans for the night, you might want to save that drink for after your thrills. Liquid courage might sound like a good idea, but after that first plunge on the Big Shot, you, and your stomach, will probably regret it.

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Located Inside Flamingo Hotel

The Garden Bar at the Flamingo is a laid-back spot to enjoy a tropical drink or an array of classic cocktails. The elevated deck offers views of the hotel's beautiful lagoon and waterfalls.

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Located Inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

PH Shiver outdoor bar is the perfect spot to stop for a cold drink when you're walking by Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Enjoy a beer or one of PH Shiver's frozen drinks, served in a 46-ounce Bling Bottle. Flavors include Strawberry Rush, Captain Crush and classic margarita and you can get a refill for $10. Need a pick-me-up? PH Shiver serves a 32-ounce Red Bull and vodka.

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Located Inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood offers pretty much anything your heart desires. Maybe that's what inspired the name. You'll find DJ-spun music, flat-screen TVs, lounge-style booths, bottle service and go-go dancers.

Or maybe the name comes from the fact that the bar is pretty much in the heart of the casino. Its circular shape makes it easy to people watch and keep an eye on all the action around you.

Wherever the name comes from, Heart Bar is an ideal meeting spot before heading out to the clubs or a great place to have a low-key -- but still fun -- night without all the hassle that might otherwise accompany a night on the town.

And P.S. - it's sort of the offical Britney Spears after-show party spot. You'll probably spot some go-go dancers in their schoolgirl outfits.

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