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Location : Inside the Stratosphere Hotel

You can be part of the highest party on the Strip, if not the country, seven days a week. Located on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere, Air Bar is tucked in behind the observation deck and offers views not seen anywhere else.

During the day, Air Bar looks like something you would find in Green Lantern's house. The bar is adorned with dark green panels that, thanks to lighting, appear to change to an aqua blue color during the night. The barstools aren't the ones you'll find in your grandfather's VFW back home. These are very modern looking black stools with just a little folded up edge to serve as a backrest, if you could even call it that.

DJs spin four nights a week and bottle service is available. The signature drink is something called Jet Fuel. If that's not enough to get the party in gear, you're in the wrong city.

The only stumbling block you may have with Air Bar is that you have to pay the tower admission to get up there -- or traverse 1,455 stairs but that would really kill the buzz you plan on getting when you reach top.

Valid: Always


Located: Inside the Stratosphere Hotel

Just like you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a bar by its height. But if you were to do that, and we're not saying you should, Level 107 Lounge would render every other bar in Sin City vertically challenged.

You'll find this lounge near the top of the Stratosphere Tower, which stands 1,149 feet tall (making it the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States). Located on the 107th floor above the Top of the World restaurant, Level 107 Lounge is one of the best places in town to take in spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip.

And even though Level 107 Lounge offers eye-grabbing sights outside its windows, there's plenty to see and do inside. Enjoy the beats spun by the sexy female resident DJs -- including DJ Dezie, DJ Girl 6 and DJ Kittie. Indulge in everything from bottle service to a glass of wine or beer. Level 107 Lounge also features signature cocktails like the Elevated Sangria and the decadent Chocolate Masterpiece (made with Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka, Godiva Chocolate, White Chocolate Liqueur and fresh cream). If you're hungry, there's a selection of appetizers, soups, salads and small plates.

Level 107 Lounge is a great place to take advantage of happy hour as it's featured twice a day. Plus, there are several themed evenings, like Scenic Sundays, SKYY High Mondays, Woman Crush Wednesdays and Panorama Saturdays.

Level 107 Lounge has unique décor that balances tranquility and high energy. On one hand, dark blue club chairs make it easy to sink in and relax. On the other hand, this space comes alive with pulsating music and a backdrop of twinkling lights.

So when you go to Level 107 Lounge, expect all of your senses to be elevated -- beginning with the 30-second ride in the double-decker elevator. This place is the height of fabulousness in Vegas.

Valid: Always with 2 Drink Minimum


Located Inside Caesars Palace

Want to know what it's like to hang out at Elton John's house? Unless you're Victoria Beckham or Neil Patrick Harris you're probably never going to find out. But Fizz at Caesars Palace, which was created by John's husband David Furnish, might come close.

Adorning the walls, which boast a silk moir fabric, is John and Furnish's colorful photography collection. The glow of elegant chandeliers adds to the sparkly interior. Accents of bronze glass, cream leathers, faux fur and cheetah print -- alluding to the spirit of the late '60s and early '70s -- also abound. We figure that's what their house might look like too.

Besides the funky decor, the reason you go to Fizz is for the Champagne. You can enjoy high-end bubbles by the glass or bottle and couture cocktails complemented by a carefully curated selection of eats (caviar, charcuterie and small plates) created by John's personal chef.

Valid: Always


Located Inside the Rio Hotel

Part of the Rio's "Ultimate Girls Night Out" entertainment complex, the 1,500-square-foot lounge with a walk-up bar and cocktail service offers a stylized, intimate feel. Designed by women for women, Flirt features stunning interior finishes, unparalleled staff and a sophisticated cocktail menu.

The combination of soft lighting, plush fabrics, rich colors and curved furniture has created an environment that keeps a woman's comfort as a top priority. In addition, plasma-screen televisions surround the lounge displaying sensual images of Chippendales cast members.

Indicative of Chippendales' commitment to the most luxurious experience, the lounge features an extensive and lavish cocktail menu designed with the help of master mixologist Robert Gleason. The drinks, primarily made with flavored spirits and tropical juices, stimulate the senses and showcase what is sure to become one of Vegas' most talked about cocktail services.

Flirt's all-male waitstaff was handpicked with a woman's pleasure in mind. Tastefully outfitted in the Chippendales fashion, all Flirt employees have undergone special "chivalry training" to ensure they are the most extraordinary, charming staff members in the city.

To top off the "Ultimate Girls Night" experience at Flirt, the Rio created a "gossip pit" ladies room. Knowing that women generally use the ladies room to not only freshen up but also to catch up, a special emphasis was put on adding special features into the design. The "gossip pit" contains luxurious seating areas and well-lit makeover stations.

Valid: Always


Located Inside the M Resort & Casino

It would be silly to pretend there aren't a few hundred places to get a glass of wine in Sin City. But grabbing a glass on the casino floor next to a video poker machine and grabbing a glass in a place that dedicates itself to wine, well, that's a different story.
And that's what brings the crowds into the Hostile Grape.

A wine bar in the truest sense, the Hostile Grape isn't just red or white, it's everything or anything, but that's jumping too far ahead. Let's start at the beginning.

Hostile Grape is located in M Resort, a resort that defies odds in Vegas (something you were probably planning on doing here, too) by bringing both locals and visitors to a place that isn't exactly within walking distance of much. But, to bring it back, it's places like Hostile Grape that make this happen.

The bar is an open space (perfect for grabbing a drink to mingle with your own party or meeting new people) peppered with a mixture of the usual elements and some unique features. There's an actual bar, an extensive wine fridge, comfortable, open and communal seating and a vibe that instantly makes you want to wear more than the usual T-shirt and ripped jeans -- it's that effortlessly cool.

But the real crowning jewel of the Hostile Grape is, as you might expect, the wine. It's not that Hostile Grape has such a wide variety that it can get overwhelming -- it's that you don't actually have to choose. You can have it all, at least to some extent. Scattered throughout the bar are several Enomatic wine serving machines and while that might not mean anything to you, allow us to explain.

The machines allow bottles of wine to be opened, but preserved, which means they can be served for a longer time and to more people, so you don't have to commit to an entire bottle like wine-drinking usually requires.

Clean glasses are stacked in the hundreds around the bar and customers purchase and load cards that are then swiped at a machine to get just a glass (a pour) of several different wines. Pours start around $2 and go up from there depending on the size, but that means you can have a taste of something you normally wouldn't be able to try -- either because you couldn't wrangle down a bottle or because you didn't want to spring for the whole thing.

With such a unique opportunity, the bar is definitely something of a scene -- the crowds are hip and the wine is plentiful. And that's nothing to get hostile over.

Valid: Always


Located Inside the M Resort & Casino

M Bar is the M Resort's signature lounge that continues the chic style of the resort, M Bar offers an array of cocktails designed by premier mixologists, as well as a fine selection of wines and beers, all at reasonable prices and custom cocktails.

Valid: Always


Located 12300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV 89044

Ravello is a bar designed around entertainment. Bands, DJs, and comedians regularly perform at the casual location. The bar itself looks out over the casino floor. But for a brighter view, head to the lounge area that overlooks the Strip.

Valid: Always with 2 Drink Minimum


Located Inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Extra Lounge at Planet Hollywood is a lounge with a little something… extra. The correspondents and crew of the TV show "Extra" have set up Extra to be their personal headquarters in Las Vegas. They use the open-air space to interview and mingle with the many celebrities that are constantly coming to Las Vegas to party. Open 24 hours a day, cover-free, and located near the entrance to Planet Hollywood, Extra is the spot where you just might see the celeb of your dreams.

Valid: Always

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