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An intriguing space to party the night away.

3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 Inside Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn has always been a world of intrigue. With the finest adornments and nightlife that sets the pace for the city, Wynn has always been the place to be for the night crowd. With the loss of Tryst, like one guy was worried about where Wynn would go. The rest of us were giddy with anticipation for their next great innovation. Enter Intrigue. This new nightspot is sure to extend the stellar legacy of Wynn nightlife.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Ladies also receive 1 Free Drink, Thuursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Located inside Mandalay Bay Casino & Resor

Inside Mandalay Bay you'll discover a nightlife experience that truly shines -- welcome to Light, the first-ever club from the creative minds of Cirque du Soleil.

The nightclub is something of a creative laboratory featuring a mix of entertainers and theatrics. At Light you won't find the stereotypical go-go dancer in a cage or silk aerialists performing. Since Cirque du Soleil is recognized the world over for its avant-garde circus acts, you will see an array of jaw-dropping performances.

The entertainers here have incorporated aerial acrobatics and dance into themed tableaus with high-tech visuals, costumes and makeup. Everything these performers do is tied back to the featured DJ set. These acts work with the music and DJ performances to create an immersive and otherworldly experience that makes Light unique among Las Vegas clubs.

The atmosphere at Light creates an ambience where everyone in the club feels like they are part of the evening's show -- so each time you visit, it will feel like a different experience.

Las Vegas has earned a reputation for featuring the best DJ talent in the world at its nightclubs and Light is no exception. The club is home to the top performers in the world of electronic music. Here you'll find Alesso, Axwell, Carl Cox, Krewella, Nicky Romero, Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex and many others behind the turntables. Plus, the music is coupled with custom-built staging and visual elements like video mapping on huge projection screens.

When you factor in the large, packed dance floor, an evening spent at Light is sure to indulge all of your senses.

Wednesdays: Ladies get Free Admission & 3 Free drinks before Midnight & Gents Free Admission before Midnight

Fridays Ladies get Free Admission & 3 Free drinks before Midnight & Gents Free Admission before Midnight

Saturdays Ladies get Free Admission & 3 Free drinks before Midnight

Premium Venue (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has many little spaces that lead to wonderful new spots. One leads to a secret pizza place, one (we won't say which) takes you to an employees-only area that you can apparently stroll right into and act like you totally belong there, and another is the entrance to the megaclub known as Marquee. You many have seen the people lining up on the second floor of The Cosmopolitan, but if you've never been past the velvet ropes and up the elevator then you can't understand what they're all so willing to stand in that line for.

The main room at Marquee is a classic club for which Vegas can be proud, complete with the showroom appeal of a Vegas lounge and the bumping badassery that makes Vegas clubs stand out from the grit of L.A. or the glam of New York. This is where you start your night, it might be where you end it too if you're still partying by the time you make your way back in, and it's where you remember why you come to a nightclub -- to dance beneath a disco ball to music that never takes a break. But that's just the main room. Every club has a main room. That's what makes them clubs. Marquee is much more than just a main attraction or a one-room wonder. It's as comprehensively complex as The Cosmopolitan itself.

The Library is a warmer space than even the outdoor pool in the summer. The hues and ambiance change from sexy party club to sexy sit in a chair and discuss the politics of dancing (the song from the '80s not the actual politics) club. It's probably not the lounge you'll go to when you want a relaxing night and only a relaxing night. But if you want a respite from the dance floor and a chance to actually speak to that person who's been grinding on your thigh for the last hour, this is the spot. But that doesn't mean Marquee doesn't offer a happy middle.

Enter the Boombox. Yes, it's true that many people who enter Marquee are too young to know what a boombox is. But they can still experience what it's like to be surrounded by music in a space so intimate you feel like you're holding it on your shoulder and walking down the sidewalk forcing everyone to be in on your beat. The Boombox features a 360-degree bar and VIP tables around an earthy dance floor. The tables in the back and side even have a view of the Strip, when the curtains are actually open. For everyone else who couldn't get in on the VIP service, there's an outdoor balcony that's just wide enough to sneak past a smoker and sit in a small lounge space. It only overlooks Harmon Avenue, but it's still fresh air. And in the middle of a night of hard partying, fresh air is a very good thing.

None of that has even scratched the sunny, chlorinated surface of the outdoor space that becomes Marquee Dayclub, but we've got another page for that. In the months that it's open, that space pulls the whole of Marquee together to create a nightlife establishment far greater than even the marvelous second floor of The Cosmopolitan would imply. Some clubs are one-offs. Some are only good for afterhours or pre-gaming. But Marquee is an all-nighter. Start here. End here. And have a lot of fun in between. One of the best parts is, even if you do somehow get bored at Marquee, you're already in The Cosmopolitan so you won't have to walk far to find a good drink.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Vegas' latest "it" club provides a packed house every night and more celebrity appearances than a Hollywood red carpet event.

3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Location: Inside the Venetian

When you’ve lasted more than ten years in this town it’s pretty clear you’re doing something right. Having outlasted clubs, restaurants and even a few property names (we’re looking at you, Quad), Tao is now a Vegas mainstay and one of the spots you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning a tour of the Las Vegas club scene.

While eating at Tao Restaurant, you can say that you’re there for the food, the ambiance or because the giant Buddha inspires you to both eat more and somehow still learn the value of sacrifice. But when you enter Tao Nightclub, your reasons for hitting the town blend more into the light and the leather.

Visually, the nightclub space is some sort of take on Buddhism mixed with ancient styling mixed with a modern club mixed with girls in bathtubs full of flower petals. The reddish hue that fills the main room isn’t entirely unique in the club world, but the lights work with the décor and the assuredness in the construction to make the space feel like a longstanding temple to a faith that practically deifies girls in bathtubs full of flower petals. We won’t put the club on the spot and say the girls will absolutely always be there, but when it comes to girls in bathtubs full of rose petals, it’s better to err on the side of hope. That’s a Buddhist thing, right?

The dancing space is divided into two areas: The actual dance floor full of bumping music, sweating bodies and all the lights and shapes they can throw around; and the lounge space full of seating that’s just the right mix of intimate and open. You can certainly dance in the wide space between the booths on one side and the booths on the other, and you probably won’t be alone; but there’s a reason the actual floor gets the lights. The lounge has a bar. The dance floor has the DJ booth. And the two spots connect to each other through the main walkways or through a quick hop over the backs of the booths which you should definitely not do. You will get in trouble--even if you tell them you work for and you were just testing the temperature of the rose petals in the bath tubs.

If you’re tired of dancing or getting creeped out by all the Buddha statues staring at you, and you can’t score a table on the second floor overlooking the main room, the Opium Room might be the spot for you. No there’s no real opium. And we've been instructed not to put a winky face after that statement. The Opium Room is just a clever name for a chill lounge with its own bar, its own DJ booth and a style that’s more like the inside of a beautiful bamboo jewelry box instead of the shiny pink jewelry that is the main room.

As a nightlife venue, Tao has become synonymous with Las Vegas glamour and quasi-Eastern-religion themed nightlife experiences the world over. Everyday club goers who stroll in through the Grand Canal Shoppes find a new world of warm, wooden comfort on the ground and bright, Vegas glitterati in the air. The club has brought in names like Diddy, Snoop Dogg (it was Dogg at the time, probably) and Krewella. And combined with the restaurant and Tao Beach, the Tao experience becomes something so much more than the sum of its parts. (Is that a Buddhist saying? Well it is now.) And did we mention girls in bathtubs full of rose petals?

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List


Located on top of Mandalay Bay, the House of Blues Foundation Room offers a great club experience, breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and much more.

3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119 On the rooftop of Mandalay Bay

When you come to the desert you naturally want to sit in a room adorned with a fireplace, warm lighting and exquisite rugs. We're actually not being sarcastic for once. That's totally what you want. And you can find it all at Foundation Room.

On the top floor of Mandalay Bay, high above the House of Blues, Foundation Room stands like a magic carpet owned by a quasi-Eastern gentleman with a penchant for bluesy club spaces. We say "club spaces" because the nightclub milieu with its DJ booth, dance floor, table service layout isn't exactly the atmosphere at Foundation Room. It's more of a club in the sense of a social space for partaking in beverages and discussing culture over the beats of a booming sound system.

This isn't the place to dance your brains out while grinding on the guy who's going to buy you a drink next. It's the place to relax on sofas or chairs or barstools that don't actually work that well as conga drums no matter how drunk you get. When you're looking for more socializing than socialites, Foundation Room is where you go to remember that clubs and rock 'n' roll don't have to be mutually exclusive -- the alluring list of guest performers and after parties from shows at the House of Blues prove that.

Then there's the view. We waited this long to talk about it because we like teasing you. That's also why we're including this additional, unnecessarily long and wordy sentence that has no other purpose than to keep you away from a description of the view for a few more seconds. Looking northward from the top of Mandalay Bay you can see the Vegas valley like nowhere else. It's the spot you want to stand when you need your vacation to mean something. And it's the party for the people who are old enough that they don't need to be told not to screw around on a balcony that's hundreds of feet off the ground.

With food, fun and a fantastic connection to the performances at House of Blues, Foundation Room is a social club that knows how to make a night of it. They also have private rooms and ladies nights every Friday and Saturday. So find your foundation, whatever craziness that might be, high above Las Vegas.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Fridays & Saturdays. Ladies also receive Free Vodka Open Bar 10- Midnight (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


The intimacy at ghostbar inside the Palms makes it feel like a house party with a view of Las Vegas from 55 stories up.

4321 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 Location: Inside the Palms Casino Resort

So you're not on the Las Vegas Strip but you still want to party, and maybe you have a friend who's really afraid of heights and you think that's funny. The Palms Hotel and Casino has a spot you’ll want to frequent and your friend will probably hate you forever for taking them to. Ghostbar is a nightclub and lounge with a view of Las Vegas that's hard to get without scaling a casino in a Spider-Man outfit. But when you're not getting arrested for actually doing something cool in a costume in Las Vegas, Ghostbar has the view and the allure to make your night more memorable than that selfie you took with Spongebob.

Back inside, where the floor is just a floor, albeit a gorgeous white tile one with bold carpet, the vibe is more like an upscale lounge you'd find in the lobby of a hotel going for the nightlife and gambling crowd. Palms decided to put it on the roof, and we think that decision worked out for the best. With leather sofas set atop deep and sensual carpet, all offset by the openness and the light colors of the ceiling and walls, Ghostbar gives you the contrast you need to remember you're drinking and dancing in Las Vegas but can't just stroll out the door to hit up the next hotspot.

Ghostbar, being off the Strip and up in the air, probably isn't the place you include on a night strung from one club to the next. It could be the place you spend a whole night. It could also be the place you go the next day for Ghostbar Dayclub. Just remember that Ghostbar is a party with a view, so you might have to sacrifice the second half of 'see and be seen.' But with a lineup of great DJs and fantastic special party events, there's more than enough to see at Ghostbar.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Ladies receive 1 Free drink. (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


LAX escapes the Egyptian mold of the Luxor and presents a semi-gothic theme that will remind you of a European club with a thing for theater.

3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Location: Inside the Luxor

LAX is a nightclub where image and functionality merge in ways you might not expect. The front doors look like webs that were dipped in molten metal. Their image evokes a slight gothic inspiration, but the fact that a skinny enough person could probably slip through the spaces proves the aesthetics of LAX are more about keeping you interested than keeping you locked in. And those metal shapes continue throughout the club from railings along stairs to short fencings that keep people on the dance floor from tumbling into the table section when they break a heel -- or just trip because their heels are five inches.

If you're one of those patrons buying table service -- which we always encourage (not just because we sell it) -- LAX has a clever new methodology to keep your night progressing even as you wait for your credit card to clear while you cross your fingers and hope you don't have that embarrassing moment of having to explain why it's over the limit and then point to your $600 clutch.

When you purchase a table, instead of standing in a long line of other people waiting for tables (known in the industry as a corral), you're ushered into a lounge area complete with its own bar, DJ and available seating. The space was previously a private lounge, but seeing the opportunity to heighten the customer experience and utilize a well-placed space, LAX created a new way to accentuate the VIP persona of table service guests. Plus, once your table is ready, you'll be lead into the club and greeted by servers waiting to take your bottle orders.

General admission guests are by no means left out. Taken up the stairs and over the lounge, guests arrive in a club that's part stage presentation and part dance floor showcase. The VIP booths on the lower level all face the DJ booth set high on the opposite wall. That gives everyone sitting and watching a solid view of everyone dancing and trying their best to look sexy. The designers have taken inspiration from other clubs then spun it to their own style to form a spot fully worthy of maintaining its midlevel moxie.

LAX is never going to be the club that Hakkasan is afraid of. But that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. And speaking of looking, be careful if you're a taller person. Parts of the club, especially by the main bar and the private rooms in the back, have rather low ceilings. We don't want people to bump their noggins on anything other than a headboard.

This club may not be on your radar if you mainly know big names like Hakkasan and XS. But if you aren't into paying Hakkasan prices or waiting in XS lines, LAX is a fine mid-scale option with a lot to offer. Their DJs bump commercial pop and remixes -- when they're not throwing back to the '90s and early 2000s on Throwback Thursdays. And they're even bringing in live performers to boost the thrill.

Just don't try to crawl in through the metal doors before the club opens. Best case scenario you end up locked in a club full of security people. No one needs that.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Ladies receive 2 Free drinks Fridays, 2 Free Drinks Saturdays (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Gold-plated everything may be a bit excessive, but there's nothing wrong with a little XS in Vegas, and judging by its popularity no one seems to mind. at Encore

3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Location: At Encore Las Vegas

The club designers at Wynn/Encore have created a club that works on all levels of extravagance and practicality. From the moment you queue up in small rooms adjacent to the club, instead of loitering in the middle of the hall with all the poor souls who can't get in or are too turned off by the crowds, it's clear that XS is doing something different than the clubs of the past. And the moment you see the golden adornments of women set into the walls and the lights that make the full moon jealous, you'll know your night has become something to remember. Just don't walk up and paw the alcove ladies. You're trying to be classy after all.

Aside from the obviously expensive surroundings, the design of XS, modeled after the best parts of its older sister Tryst, is a reason in itself to attend. Even if the carpet were cheap and the décor something substantially less than golden-goddess chic, the centrally-located dance floor surrounded by accessible tables, wide walking spaces and enough room at the bar to actually get a drink and pivot in place without stepping on someone make XS the club for flow and poise. And that mentality extends into the outside pool area.

Behind the DJ booth is the outdoor pool. The lights and sound system are designed to ensure that those enjoying the night air have the same experience as those who prefer to stay inside. Massive lighting systems with lasers and screens are mounted around the club's poolside entrance. And an extremely private -- as in restricted pretty much to talent and the people they're sleeping with -- VVVIP area is right behind the DJ booth. If you can get there, without having to trade your innocence or sense of shame, it's quite possibly the best club seat in Vegas.

XS sees an astounding amount of people throughout the week, so expect it to be busy. And it's easy to see why. Expanding on the success of Tryst, XS has become one of the top performance spots in Vegas. Current DJ lineups aren't even a who's who, they're a "hey I've heard of them" of the world's best DJs.

The details of the experience are what set this club apart. Some places talk about their fine quality leather. Some are obsessed with putting their most expensive drinks on the forefront of people's minds, just so they can say they have them. But XS is about the space, the patrons and the night you'll have. They've put a sincerely ridiculous amount of time, energy, knowledge and money into it -- so much care that it borders on XS-ive. But it's all totally worth it. For a club that learns from its competitors and its collaborators, then steps up its game, XS is just the right amount of awesome.

Premium Venue Ladies Free Admission Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays. Ladies also receive 1 Free drink. (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Imagine a stately French castle where a dancing obsessed shut-in brings guests to party, drink and overlook the glittering estate. Now forget most of that because it's weird. But it's kind of what we pretend every time we're in Chateau at Paris Las Vegas. It's not really stately, because it is in a Las Vegas casino after all. And it's technically not French. But when you get a table on the second floor, or you're standing outside beneath the Eiffel Tower spying the fountains across Las Vegas Boulevard, it's easy to get lost in the allure of the modern manor.

To be clear: You're not a wealthy shut-in who lives at the nightclub. So don't go acting like you own the place. But do live it up as much as you can. Chateau may not be the newest or the most talked about club on the Las Vegas Strip, but it's solid, sultry and it makes a statement about how a nightclub can be sophisticated without sacrificing craziness.

You know the old saying whenever you're shopping for your latest grand, French estate, "la'cations, la'cations, la'cations." (It has been brought to our attention that that's not actually French. We don't care.) It's as true of Parisian castles as it is of Vegas clubs. When searching for the best place to party in Vegas, while maintaining a view of and connection to the city, it's hard to find a better spot than Chateau. Being inside with the chandeliers and the fireplace/DJ booth is beautiful, but being beneath the tower, across from the Bellagio, so near the street and the people, is something truly magnifique.

Chateau Rooftop Garden, the outdoor nightclub, is something more than just another balcony on the Strip. All you have to do is look up and see the Eiffel Tower to feel like a commoner who banded together with the townspeople to throw a bash against excess -- then you all just ended up partying instead. And that's totally understandable. The glamour is casually elegant and the amenities are the same drinks and leather seats you can get anywhere. But at Chateau they're all just a little more rich for being housed beneath a monument to art, architecture and design.

Including the The Terrace with its own splendid view, the Chateau experience is one more of regal simplicity than over-the-top-of-the-Eiffel-Tower opulence. But if you enjoy classic beauty amongst modern features, with just a soupcon of dark appeal, Chateau is where you just might find your raison d'Vegas. ... Croissant. (We don't know any more French words.)

Valid: Always


Located inside Encore Hotel & Casino

It seems like an addition to the Encore casino as it sits silently behind revolving doors. But Surrender Nightclub is anything but an afterthought. From the snake behind the bar to the poles to the huge outdoor space with its own DJ booth and dance area, Surrender feels like falling into an evening you won't soon forget. And that's all just in the design.

Roger Thomas, a name you'll recognize if you know anything about Vegas interior design or the genesis of the Wynn and Encore, designed Surrender, and the impeccable style shines through. Like a single step forward, followed by another and another growing in pace and intensity, Surrender pulls you along until you're so deep inside the belly of the snake all you can do is dance and play the ribs like a xylophone.

Even in the winter, which in Vegas means chilly at worst, the outdoor area is kept warm and inviting. The cabanas surrounding the pool have great views. And gaming is right on the other side to lure people away from the party and money away from their pockets. For a clean club experience with space to move and an atmosphere that keeps pulling you back in, Surrender is an incredibly aptly named place. Give in to it and you'll have a great time.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


At 51 stories up, VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub offers partygoers a unique experience and an unparalleled view of the Strip.

3700 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 Location: Inside the Rio, 51st floor

Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub does not have actual voodoo. We wanted to clear that up right now. You will not be able to seek righteous revenge on your ex by shrinking their head with a doll at this club. You'll just have to drink, dance and possibly make out with someone. You know, the good old fashioned payback.

Inside oftentimes can feel like those house parties you went to in college. There is no defined dance floor so that makes pretty much everything fair game. Dance on the tables, booths, chairs and the little bit of a walkway if you wish -- it all adds to the fun. You might get in trouble if you literally dance on the tables, but it makes for a great Snapchat to send that ex with a caption that reads, "This is better than your foreplay." Then flip your hair in a Vine as you walk outside.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub is located 51 stories up at the Rio hotel. That would be the "Rooftop" part of the name. There's an enormous 40,000-pound staircase that had to be air-lifted to the top of the hotel, which gives you two floors of party action. If the Vegas climate suits you, you can escape the crowd by heading down the stairs and onto the 50th floor.

If you want to make a full night of it, quell your appetite with a succulent steak or Creole-inspired dish at VooDoo Steak then begin the pregame festivities at the lounge. When the nightclub opens later in the night you've already ensured that you're not partying, or cooking up voodoo love potions, on an empty stomach.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission on Guest List Nightly. (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Foxtail is an indoor/outdoor venue at SLS Las Vegas that boasts a sophisticated vibe, fusing together elements of music, art and fashion.

2535 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Location: Near the center of the resort on the ground floor.

In the midst of the modern SLS hotel, across a sea of slot machines from Sayers club and LiFE, Foxtail stands like a glass door to a wonderland oddly placed along a wall otherwise empty. Foxtail is a bastion of class and poise. Being open somewhat infrequently helps add esoteric allure. And the lists of famous performers who've hit the stage is reason enough to pay attention.

With a street art feel, intermixed with the latest LED tech and all the bells, whistles and subwoofers you'd expect in an upscale club, Foxtail is fitting in nicely with SLS' already impressive nightlife lineup. It stands out as the exceptional spot reserved for single nights and special events. And it offers impressive accommodations for anyone looking to throw the perfect party for millennials with money to spend.

Premium Venue Ladies & Gents Free Admission on Guest List Nightly. Ladies Open Bar until Midnight on select nights, (You will receive instructions to be placed on a Guest List)


Location: At Encore Las Vegas

Hyde Bellagio brings to Vegas a European vibe with old-world touches inspired by an Italian villa. Books, paintings, chandeliers and fine marble tiles are among the small, but plentiful details that give Hyde its upscale feel. If you've ever wanted to fake what it feels like to vacation on the Amalfi Coast, but would rather replace the sea with the Bellagio Fountains and the serene sounds of ocean waves with a DJ, Hyde might be the place for you.

For those looking to start their nightlife party early, the venue opens at 5 p.m., but only about half of the club is accessible before 10 p.m. After 10, things get kicking as the partition rises and the full nightlife potential of Hyde Bellagio is unlocked. Even at that point this isn't a shout-until-you-can't-talk kind of club. Hyde is about subtle refinement and appeal. There's no dedicated dance floor, but instead, enough room in and around the booths and tables to dance.

The venue's two bars follow a strict, high-end mixology program. The mixologists at Hyde prepare cocktails with an intensity and professionalism you can't help but admire, especially after taking that first sip. Do be careful though. The free-flowing nature of the club means you might have people dancing right next to you as you try to sip your tini.

What really makes Hyde special is the view of the Fountains of Bellagio. The architectures understood all too well that they were creating something special even for Sin City. Mandalay Beach can keep its sand. Hyde is the true waterside club. When the fountain show sounds, the outdoor balcony and especially the VIP booths are the places to be. It's Euro-chic but still Vegas in all the right ways.

We'll keep you updated if we ever find out why they call it Hyde without having a bar called Jekyll.

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays: Free Admission for Men & Women until Midnight

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